There are many important factors to take into account when producing videos. The key to the project's success depends on a variety of different things.

  • Having a detailed plan for the information you want to include within the video.

  • A script for the presenter, making sure you include all the necessary information to successfully deliver your message to your audience.

  • Getting the right location for your video can also be a very important factor. Many videos are produced entirely in a studio using simple backdrops. Sometimes depending on your product you will need to film on location, if so there are issues that would need to be addressed.

  • Live filming can be a complicated business so planning every detail is essential. For example it is important to know the exact floor plan of the room so that cameramen can be positioned strategically out of view of your audience. Sometimes it might be necessary to have platforms for the cameramen to be able to capture every angle. Multiple cameras can be connected to a video switcher which in turn can be streamed to live video screens to enhance audience viewing in large rooms.

  • If we are filming your event to be edited then it is important for us to be issued with a running order so that we can make sure that nothing is missed. Also it is no good having great footage if the audio is poor. We use dedicated recording engineers and multi track digital recording to oversee all of the audio recording. We connect to the P.A. system using either wireless microphones or lapel microphones so that the speaker can easily move around the stage or room. We can also offer boom microphone operators who can quickly move to different parts of the room to amplify any audience participation.

When working outside one of the main issues is the weather so sometimes the production company may need to be on standby waiting for the best day for the shoot. Power can also be an issue so sometimes we will need to bring along silent generators to provide the power for extra lighting etc. especially if it is a night time shoot. Another possible problem might be access to the location, can vehicles safely access the area or will we have to get there on foot. Lastly how many crew do we need as sometimes it will take a lot more than one or two people to capture your production. All of these things can add to the cost of filming but at Creative Audio Visual we will provide our expertise and advice to help get the production values you want within your budget.

Why is the audio recording so important?

To produce a professional film the audio has to be recorded to a high standard. There is no point having great visuals if the sound is poor quality.

There are many different ways to capture the perfect audio for your promotional films or for your live events.

  • Pre-production - Using good quality microphones and signal paths will help to capture your audio presentation or voice overs. You need to choose the correct type of microphone for different types of recording. Lapel microphones will be used discretely as they can be attached to clothing, these will capture the spoken word of individuals. Boom condenser microphones are place overhead and out of sight of the camera by a boom operator. They are used to capture the voices of groups of people. Dynamic microphones are used mainly on stage to capture multiple audio streams all at the same time.

  • Using a studio environment where sound reflections can be minimised will help to give your voice a rounded sound.

  • If it is a live performance then sometimes there will be multiple streams of audio all at one time so the ability to record all of them separately at the same time to a multi track recording device is essential.

  • Post production - Once the audio has been recorded there are various different editing techniques that can enhance it. Editing out pauses to give the presentation a more natural flow. Using dynamics to even out the levels of the audio. Using equalisation to produce a smoother sound to the voice.

All of the above are needed to create a professional sound. Many of our competitors do not have the skills to produce great audio and this will create a substandard result.

Choosing the correct music for you video is also of great importance. Music will help capture the whole feel of product or service. For example if you are a holiday tour operator advertising holidays on safari in Africa, then the music should closely represent the sounds of Africa by using traditional African music.

We have a vast amount of copyright free music that can be tailored to any type of video.