• Filming and Editing

    The video production unit of Creative Audio Visual are a team of digital artists and technicians dedicated to crafting compelling stories in the visual medium. Short videos are the best and most effective way to get your brand’s message across. Our services are applicable to companies from any industry. It really is one of the best tools of communication as more people can relate to a video message than any other form.

  • Promotional Animated Videos

    Most digital marketing revolves around videos. The average daily time spent by a user on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat and YouTube is about 142 minutes a day. Animation videos are an engaging and effective medium compared to other marketing techniques that help to boost your online presence and customer engagement. Promotional animation video marketing is also used as a master strategy by many businesses and brands as these animation videos help to communicate your brand’s message to your potential customers on a broader level thus getting higher lead generations.

  • Design

    Marketing materials are printed materials that business owners use to promote their company and services. A promotion designer creates promotional packets, fliers, and invitations for their clients. Creative Audio Visual can develop and create images, pictures, fonts and finished promotional materials to catch a potential customer's eye and promote products or events to them.

    Examples: brochures, magazines, flyers, postcards, business cards, menus, sales sheets, etc.

  • Creative Photography

    Using professional post production techniques we can transform any photograph into creative art. We combine creative thoughts and experimentation in order to produce ideas that are sure to visually impress your potential customers. Post production techniques are used to intentionally manipulate and improve the photograph from its original state in order to maximise the visual impact.